Good news! The LEGO Group will introduce Princess Peach into the Super Mario LEGO universe. This new and exciting development will allow gamers to deepen their adventures in the game while playing as the legendary princess, including her familiar voice, sound effects, and even reactions while riding the swing set. Players will be able to get this package as soon as the LEGO® Super Mario™ adventure with Peach Starter Course is launched on August 1st, 2022.

This Starter Course allows players to earn more digital coins and explore many reactions by assisting Princess Peach in opening gifts, defeating foes, and befriending a Yellow Toad. More interestingly, the game allows two of the three characters, LEGO Mario, LEGO Peach and LEGO Luigi, to connect at a time via Bluetooth, allowing two players to interact, celebrate and even collaborate to defeat an enemy. They also get to earn additional coins when they work together. This dual-player feature makes the game more social and fun to play with friends.

Another fantastic package that will be launched is the highly anticipated fan-favorite LEGO® Super Mario™ Peach’s Castle Expansion Kit. This new Castle introduction ensures a wide range of enjoyable tasks such as bridge repair, Bob-omb painting, and challenges such as greeting Toadette, conquering enemies etc. To guarantee that fans have the most enjoyable experience, the game is committed to establishing a world with more expansion sets and extra characters.

With these new packages, players may now totally redesign and realistically construct challenges tailored to their preferences. Fans may also engage in new engaging experiences thanks to the interactive feature.

In addition to LEGO Peach, other additional sets will also be launched on August 1st, each with its price tag. The retail price for the Adventures with Peach Starter Course is 59.99 EUR/USD.