The Big News! America will be welcoming the next SUPER NINTENDO WORLD! Universal Studios is making possible what every Nintendo fan in the United States has always wished for; the SUPER NINTENDO UNIVERSE! Fans can now immerse themselves in the fantastic world of Mario, Luigi, and the Princess. With the available revolutionary technology breakthroughs, all fans of Nintendo in the US can expect nothing short of a thrilling experience.

The previous project by Universal Studios in 2021 in Japan was indeed an enormous success, garnering tons of excellent fan reviews. Now, this never-ending creative entertainment inspired by well-known Nintendo characters that have captivated Nintendo fans for decades will land in the United States. American fans of Nintendo games are in for great times, as they can now have a lifelike experience of being in the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. The countdown has begun!

Overall, the project will surely give an immersive experience, with the architectural brilliance and exciting theme park characteristics that will make it a signature visual show. Adding to this already thrilling experience is the availability of themed shopping and dining options. Exciting, right?

The Super Nintendo-themed store, which will be opening soon, will be the frosting on the cake for the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD-themed land premier. Universal Studios have announced that this store will allow fans to try on the famed Mario and Luigi-inspired gears and hats. Also, fans will be able to see and purchase all of the Nintendo costumes and deluxe characters they have always wanted, including those of Yoshi, Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, and many others in the Mario series. These will be available for purchase in several sizes.

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