Super Mario Game Play

In Super Mario, the player controls the character Mario and starts with a specific number of lives that can be lost anytime damage is taken. As Mario, you must conquer several foes and obstacles and collect coins through the Mushroom Kingdom. These coins are scattered around the game in various areas. You can gain extra coins or rare items by striking unique bricks while collecting coins. You must also fight the Bowser at the end of each stage and reach the flag pole to complete the game’s aim of saving the maiden in distress.

When moving around the mushroom kingdom, the most popular approach to defeating enemies is jumping on them. Eating a mushroom transforms Mario into Super Mario, doubling its size and increasing its ability; however, when enemies hit him while in this condition, he reverts to its normal state. Apart from super Mario, it can also transform into various forms; for example, when Mario eats a sunflower, he transforms into fire Mario, who can launch fireballs. It can also transform into Star Mario if it comes into touch with a bouncing star, and while the ability is short-lived, there is nothing that can damage him in this state.

Enemies, on the other hand, respond differently when you leap on them. Koopas shrink inside their shells, Goombas flatten, and Buzzy Beetles transform into shells. The game’s last stage is in a castle, where Mario has to face Bowser atop a suspension bridge.

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